Rail Safety Deadline Approaching

In the November 27th issue of The Compass UBCM reported on a new regulation by Transport Canada requiring Canadian railways to share dangerous goods information with communities.  Providing communities with this information is an important development for the local government sector.

Those local governments interested in receiving the information need to provide the name and contact information of their designated Emergency Planning Official following the instructions provide the new regulation. No information will be provided unless a local government opts in and identifies a designate.

While FCM has been encouraging members to register with Transport Canada in order to receive annual reports about dangerous goods transported by rail, it has been reported that a relatively few number of communities had registered as of the end of January. Railways are only required to share information with registered local governments.
We would ask that local governments wishing to receive this information register by February 28th.  If you have not yet registered please follow the detailed instructions posted on FCM website.
If you have any technical questions, please contact Daniel Rubinstein at 613-907-6294.

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