Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 Audit

The Auditor General, with the Assistance of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development is auditing the application of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and the National Energy Board. The objective of the audit is to determine whether these federal organizations have put in place systems and practices, and criteria to support environmental assessments under the Act. The results of the audit will be reported to Parliament in October 2014.

The survey addresses twenty-two key projects including the Enbridge Northern Gateway, Prince Rupert LNG Project and Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. As part of the audit, a survey has been designed for participants of environmental assessments in order to get views on the public consultation process that was carried out. If you or your organization participated in an assessment a link to a survey should have been sent to you. Deadline for the survey is April 30th, 2014.

Support is available for any questions or concerns.

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