BC Road Safety Strategy - Local Government Participation

UBCM is seeking two local government staff representatives, who have expertise in the development of road safety strategies and related programs, to join two separate working committees established by the Province.

The first UBCM appointment will be to the Safe Roads and Communities Committee that will be developing a best practices approach to road safety. This committee will also identify resources, information and data that might be used by local communities in implementing a road safety program. 

The second UBCM appointment will be to the Education and Awareness Committee that will be developing education and awareness measures that could be used to better inform the public about road safety.

The working groups are intended to assist a 14 member Executive Committee established to implement the Provincial BC Road Safety Strategy.  The British Columbia Road Safety Strategy was developed to align with Canada's Road Safety Strategy 2015.  The strategy is intended to be a collaborative process and provide a framework for mobilizing all stakeholders in improving road safety and in raising public awareness and commitment to road safety.  The overall goal of the strategy is to make British Columbia roads the safest in North America and to work toward the ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

If you are interested in working on one of these committees please identify the committee you are interested in and contact Ken Vance at kvance@ubcm.ca by March 26, 2014.

Information about the strategy is available on the OSMV website.

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