BC Policing Plan - Local Government Participation

UBCM is looking to appoint three local government representatives to the Police Structure and Funding Expert Committee as part of the Ministry of Justice's long-term policing strategy. The long-term policing strategy will guide the evolution of policing in BC over the next three, five and 10 years. 

The Committee will form a staff working group that will meet eight times over the next 18 months to identify options for the Province to consider in order to modernize policing in British Columbia.  The Committee will review and refine background papers prepared by the ministry, and provide technical expertise and corporate knowledge.  These options will be provided to the Advisory Panel on Policing, which will provide feedback and recommendations to the provincial government.

The British Columbia Policing and Community Safety Plan, released by the Ministry of Justice on December 12, 2013, contains 16 recommendations.  Action Item #1 of the Plan states that:
The Ministry of Justice will work in collaboration and consultation with local governments, other key stakeholders and a committee of external experts to:
  • Define and clarify policing responsibilities at the federal, provincial and municipal government levels;
  • Consider models for service delivery ranging from further integration to the regional delivery of services while retaining local community-focused policing; and
  • Develop options for funding/financing models that reflect each level of government's policing responsibility and distribute costs accordingly.
This initiative represents a commitment by the Ministry of Justice to implementing the Plan's recommendations.

If you are interested in participating on the Police Structure and Funding Expert Committee please contact Ken Vance by April 9, 2014.

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