All Local Governments to Receive Allocated Funds

The renewed Gas Tax Fund will see the continuation of the Community Works Fund (CWF), which provides long-term, predictable allocated funding to local governments. The CWF has now been expanded to all local governments in the province thanks to the inclusion of the Greater Vancouver Regional District and member municipalities.

The CWF program allows for the flexibility of local government choice on which eligible projects to invest funding towards. The success of this program is illustrated by the nearly 2,000 local infrastructure and capacity building projects undertaken by local governments across British Columbia since 2005 that have drawn upon CWF funding. The renewed agreement will deliver $519.3 million over the first five years of the agreement.

Key Elements of the Renewed CWF

Unspent CWF from First Agreement can transition to new program - Under the new CWF Agreements – which will be sent to each local government in May – any unspent funds under the First Gas Tax Agreement would transition to the new Agreement. This means that these funds can be spent on the expanded investment categories (after April 1, 2014).

Continuing of the funding floor model for CWF allocation - The allocation for CWF is based on a per-capita allocation as well as a funding floor. The funding floor – set at $50,000 per local government – will ensure a reasonable base allocation of funds to each local government to help address infrastructure and capacity building needs. This base will also increase as the Gas Tax Fund is indexed – beginning in the third year of the renewed program delivery.

The per-capita allocation is based on the most current Canada Census population numbers (2011) for municipalities and regional districts, and is adjusted annually due to new incorporations or boundary adjustments.

The estimated CWF allocation for each local government for the first five years is now available.

For more information on the Gas Tax Fund, visit our website.

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