AG Report Prompts Earthquake Preparedness Review

Over the next several months, the Province of B.C. will undertake extensive consultation with stakeholders regarding the issues, priorities, and opportunities related to catastrophic earthquake preparedness. Henry Renteria, former Director of California's Office of Emergency Services will chair the consultations and deliver a report with recommendations to the province by the end of the year.

The consultation will be focused on areas at highest risk for a catastrophic earthquake, but input from stakeholders across BC will be welcomed.

The review into earthquake preparedness is in response to the report Catastrophic Earthquake Preparedness released by the Auditor General of British Columbia. The report concluded that Emergency Management BC (EMBC), the lead agency tasked with planning and preparing the government response for a catastrophic earthquake, was not adequately prepared. Overall, the report made nine recommendations and the Ministry of Justice has accepted all nine of the Auditor General's recommendations and will be taking action to address them.

A public education campaign focused on earthquake preparedness is to be launched this summer. This campaign will be a joint effort between EMBC and Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) within the provincial government. Planning for this campaign is underway.

Emergency Management BC has also indicated that it will be developing a multi-year earthquake preparedness roadmap to guide the Province in preparing for a catastrophic earthquake.

To obtain further information or to ask questions about these initiatives, please contact the following individuals:

  1. For the earthquake preparedness consultation, contact Cameron Lewis at 250-952-5040.
  2. To provide input regarding development of the public education campaign, or share materials, contact Kim Fournier at 250-952-4914.
  3. For questions regarding the EMBC multi-year earthquake preparedness roadmap, contact Cam Filmer at 250-952-4881.

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