245 Problem Vessels Identified in BC

The data collection for the Problem Vessels Inventory is now closed. Transport Canada would like to thank all those who contributed. The inventory resulted in the identification of 245 vessels of concern, geographically distributed as follows: 37% Vancouver Island; 28% Gulf Islands; 25% Coast (Sunshine Coast north to Prince Rupert); 9 % Lower Mainland; and 1% Strait of Georgia.

Earlier this year, in response to on-going concern regarding problem vessels and floating structures, Transport Canada asked for data on existing problem vessels and structures in BC. The information provided by communities will help Transport Canada develop a long-term strategy.

Transport Canada recognizes the contributions communities made for data collection in 2012. However, in order to develop a long-term strategy, additional and more specific information was asked for, along with photographs. The response from communities in BC was very useful and provided Transport Canada with a better understanding of the scope of the issue.

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