2014 Wildfire Prevention Funding Update

Current funding for the 2014 Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative (SWPI) is limited and the Provincial Fuel Management Working Group will be prioritizing funding approvals for the remainder of 2014.  Applications for the April 2014 intake are still being accepted.

Applications for all four SWPI streams (operational treatments, fuel management prescriptions, demonstration projects and Community Wildfire Protection Plans) will continue to be reviewed as outlined in the 2014 program guides and as funding permits.

The remainder of available SWPI funding will be allocated in the following order of priority:
  1. Operational Fuel Treatments
  2. Fuel Management Prescriptions
  3. Demonstration Projects
  4. Community Wildfire Protection Plans
Since 2011, as described in the program guides, all SWPI funding applications have been evaluated and scored according to their cost-effectiveness and technical merits to provide a funding recommendation to the Provincial Fuel Management Working Group. This practice will continue, with priority being given to the applications with the highest scores.

For more information, please refer to the 2014 application and program guides.

Local governments may also contact the Union of B.C. Municipalities' Local Government Program Services (lgps@ubcm.ca) directly, and First Nations may contact the First Nations' Emergency Services Society of B.C. (ffminfo@fness.bc.ca).

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