2014 Vote Brings New Voices to Local Leadership

Each local government general election brings considerable change to the composition of Councils and Boards. The 2014 local government general election was notable, though, for a significant increase in the percentage of elected Mayors, Councillors and Directors with no prior experience in government.

The percentage of incumbents re-elected to Councils and Boards was down slightly in all categories in comparison to the 2011 election, with 53.1% of Mayors, 54.5% of Councillors and 68% of Directors returning to office.  

In contrast, there were increases across the board in the percentage of successful candidates with no prior local or provincial government as compared to 2011 (5.6% to 9.3% for Mayors; 22.6% to 30.3% for Councillors; and 9.6% to 16.6% for Directors).

The election, combined with incumbents’ terms ending, resulted in five vacancies on the UBCM Executive:

  • Second Vice-President
  • Vancouver Metro Area Representative
  • Director at Large
  • AVICC Representative
  • AKBLG Representative

The Executive will consider how to address these vacancies in accordance with UBCM’s bylaws at its November meeting.

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