Your Feedback Requested: Business Attraction Toolkit

Are you looking for ways to give your community the edge on attracting new business, or looking for tips on how to retain existing businesses?  In April 2013 the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training launched the Business Attraction Toolkit for BC Communities

UBCM's Community Economic Development Committee was pleased to provide input and feedback into the development of the Toolkit, and met with Ministry staff prior to the Toolkit's creation this past year.

In addition to the Toolkit, the Ministry has recently developed a summary document that highlights the stages of business and investment attraction and provides a succinct summary of the tools, templates and other resources within each section.

Since its launch, the website has received close to 1500 visits with users downloading various templates, checklists and self-assessments designed to assist communities in their economic development efforts. The Ministry is now looking for feedback on the Toolkit from users.  Has the Toolkit assisted you in your economic development efforts?  Please send your feedback to  Your feedback will help the Ministry in understanding what your needs are and if the tools being developed are helpful to your economic development outcomes.

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