UBCM Urges Federal Government to Pay for RCMP Severance Package

UBCM has sent a letter [PDF] to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews urging the federal government to take financial responsibility for its decision to accelerate the pay out of severance packages to members of the RCMP and other federal employees.

We have asked the Federal government to commit to the “new partnership” in the 2012 RCMP agreement and to undertake meaningful, ongoing and timely consultations with local government on substantive issues affecting the quality and cost of policing services.  UBCM has pointed out that the relationship of contract partners is premised on a commitment to work collaboratively together toward the provision of a professional efficient and cost effective police service.

While the full impact has not yet been determined, accelerated severance payouts for RCMP members will cost local governments thousands of dollars.  The decision to end severance payments to RCMP employees was made by the Federal government without local government consultation, and in the view of UBCM, local governments should not be expected to absorb the costs.

Local governments are concerned that the scope of the severance package will negate any cost saving benefits that the severance package was intended to provide.  It may take the full 20-year term of the contract for local government to achieve any of the benefits from it.

Local governments recognize the need for the Federal government to move RCMP compensation toward industry standards.  We feel it is important that it undertake a cost-containment strategy in the budget, however, the implementation of these measures should not be placed on the shoulders of local government.

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