UBCM Responds to Proposed Revisions to Federal ATR Policy

UBCM has submitted its response to the federal government on the proposed revisions to the Policy on Additions to Reserve and Reserve Creation (ATR policy). UBCM's submission is reflective of solicited member feedback, UBCM policy, and internal analysis, and emphasizes the need for early and ongoing local government engagement during the ATR process.

The federal government requested feedback on the revised ATR policy during the July 26 – October 31, 2013 comment period. The input gathered during the public comment period is being used to finalize the new ATR policy, and a summary of the input received will be released with the final version of the new policy.

The ATR policy sets out the conditions and issues to be addressed before land can become reserve. The policy was created to fill a legislative gap, as ATRs are not addressed in the Indian Act or other federal legislation. The stated objectives of the proposed revisions are: to streamline the ATR proposal and remove duplication; clarify roles and responsibilities; and facilitate economic development.

For additional information on the revised policy, please visit the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC) website. For more information on UBCM's submission on the revised ATR policy, please contact Angela Turner.

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