UBCM Releases 2013 Provincial Election Platform

The Union of BC Municipalities has released its 2013 Provincial Election Platform. The platform includes a set of questions that have been posed to BC's four main political parties. UBCM will make the party responses public and track campaign developments that impact local government throughout the election.

"The upcoming provincial election provides a great opportunity to make sure that all candidates are aware of the priorities and interests of local government," said UBCM President Mary Sjostrom. "UBCM's 2013 election platform is intended as a resource for outreach to candidates in all parties. I encourage local government leaders to join with me and make sure the voice of local government is heard."

As part of its outreach strategy, UBCM will be distributing the 2013 platform to as many candidates as possible. President Mary Sjostrom has written to each of the leaders of the four main political parties to introduce the platform and has offered to meet in advance of Election Day. UBCM has also added a new election webpage to UBCM.ca so members can track local government developments throughout the campaign.

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