UBCM Receives Area Association Resolutions

Many high-quality, clearly written and well-researched resolutions were considered by Area Association members at their annual meetings this Spring. Resolutions on matters of province-wide concern, endorsed at Area Association meetings, have been forwarded automatically to UBCM for consideration at the 2013 Convention.

Some of this year's hot topics include:

· conflict of interest as it pertains to local government elected officials;
· emergency preparedness, notification, response and management;
· policing in small and rural communities;
· road infrastructure and maintenance;
· human-wildlife conflict;
· watershed protection;
· control of invasive species;
· identification and use of agricultural land;
· access to medical services;
· affordable housing; and
· social assistance rates.

UBCM members may also submit resolutions directly to UBCM, on topics that were not dealt with at Area Association meetings. The deadline for submission of resolutions to UBCM is June 30. Please contact Reiko Tagami, Information & Resolutions Coordinator, with any questions about the UBCM resolutions process.

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