UBCM Offers Expression of Reconciliation

On Thursday, UBCM offered an expression of reconciliation to the assembly at the Truth and Reconciliation's closing event.

Councillor Murray Krause, Chair of UBCM's First Nations Relations Committee, delivered the statement on behalf of UBCM.

Mr. Krause read the text of a resolution proclaiming a year of reconciliation with BC's First Nations on the first day of Convention.

“Through the Indian Residential schools, and throughout history, great harms have been inflicted, and severe injustices perpetrated against aboriginal peoples across our nation and province, and indeed in our local communities,” said Krause. “This history has a deep and lasting legacy. It is our hope, that by declaring this year of reconciliation between UBCM and First Nations Communities, we can emphasize the vital importance of working together as neighbours, and fostering relationships built on mutual respect, and active engagement.”

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