Taking Action on Endorsed Resolutions

The annual resolutions process guides UBCM's continuing advocacy and policy development on behalf of BC local governments. Endorsed resolutions have provided a direct impetus to UBCM's recent work on recycling negotiations, Additions to Reserve policy and the Justice Summit. UBCM has also conveyed 116 resolutions endorsed by our membership at the 2013 Annual Convention to Coralee Oakes, the Minister of Community, Sport & Cultural Development.

The Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development (MCSCD) serves as a liaison between UBCM and the rest of the provincial government. MCSCD reviews all UBCM resolutions; forwards selected resolutions to other departments as relevant; and compiles the responses from all departments into a single response package. Subsequently, the Minister presents the responses to the UBCM Executive at their spring meeting.

In addition to provincially relevant resolutions, UBCM has conveyed:

  • 19 resolutions to specific federal government departments;
  • 11 resolutions to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, for consideration at the FCM Conference or an FCM board meeting; and
  • 20 resolutions to other organizations (i.e. corporations, industry groups, or agencies that operate at arm's length from government).

In each case, UBCM requests the organization to consider and comment on each resolution. UBCM will share the responses with the sponsors of resolutions, and post the responses to the UBCM website. The provincial response package will be provided to UBCM in the spring of 2014.

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