Special Resolution on MMBC Stewardship Plan Thursday Morning

The issue of arriving at a province-wide recycling agreement acceptable to BC's communities will be debated by UBCM delegates this Thursday. At issue is the proposed agreement to BC communities from Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC). Local governments have been requesting more time to clarify the MMBC offer and address local government concerns with implementation.

Multi-Materials BC set a deadline of September 16 for collectors to accept the collection financial incentive in advance of implementation of the plan in May of next year. The special resolution Thursday scheduled for 8:55 AM asks that the provincial government and MMBC provide an additional 90 days for local governments to clarify and further consider the offer prior to implementation next spring. It also asks the provincial government to review the MMBC plan. Mayor Malcolm Brodie provided an update on the Special Resolution during the environment policy session Monday morning.

The resolution notes communities have fundamental concerns with such things as the decision-making timeline, the costs and financial risks of the program to local governments, service delivery implications for residents, the feasibility of many of the standards being required, and a lack of necessary details.  You can read the special resolution here.

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