Speaking in Sign Language

The federal government recently introduced new signage requirements for infrastructure programs like the Gas Tax Fund.  Fulfilling the new guidelines provides a strategic opportunity to local governments.

Installing a sign in accordance with the new guidelines and design format not only informs local residents about federal investments in our communities, it also sends a signal to other levels of government.  During a recent round of advocacy visits with MPs in Ottawa, one of the consistent messages from federal representatives is that they would like to know more about how Gas Tax funds are being used in their constituencies. Whenever a local government in BC installs a sign at a project receiving Gas Tax funds, political leaders from other levels of government take notice.   As signs go up, they also trigger opportunities for federal and provincial officials to tour projects or take part in milestone events, so they can see first-hand the value of the Gas Tax Fund and the need for long-term infrastructure plan.

As we enter a new construction season, BC local governments will have many opportunities to install signage.  In order to demonstrate compliance with this aspect of the Gas Tax Agreement in British Columbia, UBCM has added a simple reporting tool  on our website.  If you are putting up a sign, please take a minute or two to let us know.  Our hope is that as the uptake on signage installation this year will provide another indicator of the continuing importance of federal involvement in the renewal of community infrastructure.

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