Report Highlights Extent Abandoned and Derelict Vessels

On February 21, Transport Canada released a long awaited study on the extent of abandoned and derelict vessels in Canada [PDF - 3.2 MB]. UBCM members provided feedback for this study in January 2012. At that time, members were asked to complete a survey to provide Transport Canada with information on the extent of the problem in BC, local government concerns, and potential solutions to address the issue. UBCM will provide further analysis and discussion on this report in the coming weeks.

This issue has been an ongoing concern for the UBCM membership as derelict and abandoned vessels threaten our oceans, coasts, lakes and rivers by obstructing navigational channels, creating a public safety hazard, causing harm to the environment, becoming unsightly and diminishing commercial and recreational activities. In addition, assessing, removing, and disposing of these vessels requires significant financial and technical resources.

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