RCMP Costs Outlined in Five-Year Financial Plan

Five year financial plans outlining projected RCMP costs have been sent to all municipalities with policing agreements.  If you have not received this information, you should contact your Detachment Commander.

The plan outlines the cost projections for:
  • Salary and Wage Increases
Benefits costs, including Health Benefits and pensions
Projected cost of new RCMP headquarters
iv) Estimated savings to be achieved from efficiency and effectiveness initiatives
The financial plan identifies a number of changes in RCMP costs that local governments should be aware of in the coming years.  For example, the RCMP has identified a wage increase of 2% for RCMP members in 2014 and a wage increase of 1.5% going forward.  On the benefits side, the plan shows an increase in the pension contribution rates for provinces, territories and local governments of 20.23% effective April 1, 2014.  At the same time the RCMP in the five-year plan has identified changes in the provision of health benefits that will result in cost savings of $12 million over the next two years. 

There are still a number of issues in the RCMP contract where a final agreement has not been reached.  For example, the cost of the new RCMP headquarters in British Columbia, known as Green Timbers, has not been finalized between the Province and Public Safety Canada.  The RCMP has included a $1,200 per employee amount in the five-year budget estimates as a placeholder, but local governments are not required to pay that cost at this time.  Discussions are still ongoing on how local governments and the Province might manage the cost of the new severance policy for federal employees introduced by the Federal government in 2012. 

The RCMP is prepared to meet with each local government to discuss their respective five-year financial plan and has made presentations to over 20 communities so far.  These meetings can be arranged through the Detachment Commander in your area.

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