Provincial Parties Respond to UBCM Outreach

One of the priorities for UBCM's Executive this year was to increase engagement with the four largest political parties during the 2013 Election. This week UBCM received responses from all four parties and posted them on our election platform webpage. The responses are strikingly different, and provide a window into the thinking of each party with regard to local government.

The consistent themes through each are respect for jurisdiction, and a desire to work closely with UBCM to address issues that broadly impact our membership. The responses come at the same time as Metro Vancouver is receiving party responses to its Local Government Matters campaign. As well, yesterday NDP leader Adrian Dix announced that his party would reinstate a dedicated ministry for local government and meet directly with BC Mayors in an annual roundtable discussion. The announcement by Mr. Dix came at a Mayors Caucus meeting in Prince George that was attended by UBCM President Mary Sjostrom, other members of UBCM Executive and nearly 70 mayors.

Further updates and analysis are coming to UBCM's election's website, so stay tuned for the remainder of the campaign.

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