Province Responds to Recycling Resolution

In a letter to local governments, Deputy Minister, Wes Shoemaker, Ministry of Environment, outlined the Province's position on Resolution 2013 – SR1.The Province has informed UBCM that local governments must negotiate the resolution's ninety (90) day extension request directly with MMBC, as the Province neither sets the incentive offer or the deadlines.The Province also outlines the extent to which it has addressed local government performance measure issues.

“The Province's response does not reflect what our membership asked for,” said Councillor Linda Hepner, Acting Chair of UBCM's Recycling Negotiation Committee. “The province needs to provide direction to industry that addresses local government concerns in order to move negotiations forward. Local governments have asked for packing and printed-paper to be included in the Recycling Regulation, and remain committed to assisting in the transition to producer responsibility for managing these materials. We want to make this transition a successful one.”

Mr. Shoemaker's letter also notes that the province will be conducting eight regional workshops throughout the province on the implementation of the stewardship plan.

Resolution 2013 – SR1, which was endorsed by UBCM's membership at the 2013 Convention, called for:

  • The provincial government and Multi-Materials BC (MMBC) to provide an additional 90 days to local governments to properly clarify and consider the MMBC offer prior to the implementation of the MMBC Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan in May 2014;
  • A provincial review and revision of the MMBC stewardship plan to address outstanding local government concerns; and
  • The appointment of a representative committee to negotiate with the Province and MMBC on the implementation of the MMBC stewardship plan.

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