News Release: UBCM Releases 2013 Provincial Election Platform

Victoria – The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) has released its 2013 provincial election platform, setting out points of discussion for British Columbia's four main political parties and the next provincial government.

“Initiatives like the Community Charter have advanced the role played by local governments in British Columbia over the past decade,” said UBCM President Mary Sjostrom. “We want to engage with all parties throughout the campaign to talk about the current needs of BC's communities, and how local government can work together with the provincial government to seek solutions."

The platform, Building Tomorrow Together, highlights five key priorities of local government: governance, finance, infrastructure, economic development and the environment. UBCM is posing questions for each priority to the BC Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party of BC, the Conservative Party of BC and the Green Party of BC. These questions are provided in the backgrounder following. UBCM will update its 2013 Provincial Election webpage with the responses form each party throughout the campaign.

Metro Vancouver has also sent questions to the four main political parties and will make the answers public well before the May 14th election.

“The decisions made by the next provincial government will have a profound impact on the livability of communities and their ability to pay for services that residents and businesses need,” said Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore. “This is the time for a broad-based, non-partisan discussion about how the province can best nurture and support communities.”

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Backgrounder: Questions for Political Parties

The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) has shared its 2013 Election Platform with the four main provincial political parties and has asked for responses to the following questions:

1. Governance

How will your party uphold the principles of consultation and mutual respect that are enshrined in existing local-provincial government consultative protocols, legislation, and agreements?

2. Local Government Finance

What measures will your party take to provide local government with the revenue tools needed to meet current and future service and infrastructure needs, including revenue sources that recognize growth in the economy?

3. Infrastructure

Will your party commit to matching federal funding for the programs under the Long-Term Infrastructure Plan?

Will your party support making all local government infrastructure eligible under the Long-Term Infrastructure Plan programs, and support local choice around private-public partnerships?

4. Economic Development

What resources will your party provide to support the development of economic diversification policies and programs, as well as the development and implementation of transition plans and long-term development strategies?

What measures will your party take to expedite the treaty process and advance the New Relationship with First Nations, recognizing that advancing agreements holds the potential to accelerate economic development?

5. Environment

What resources will your party provide to ensure the effective implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of provincial environmental legislation and regulations?

What measures will your party take to provide local governments with protection from liability arising from the delivery of provincial regulations, standards, and guidelines?

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