National RCMP Contract Management Committee Update

The National Contract Management Committee (NCMC) met the week of November 4th 2013, in Ottawa and local government representatives from British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta were in attendance.

The NCMC plays a national role similar to that of UBCM's Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC), which was created to provide a forum for consultation and communication between local government and the Province regarding the management of the RCMP contract. Clayton Pecknold, Assistant Deputy Minister and Director of Policing Services and Security Programs, is a co-chair of both the NCMC and LGCMC. Paul Gill, General Manager of Corporate and Financial Services for the District of Maple Ridge, is an associate member of BC's delegation to the national meetings, and also serves on UBCM's LGCMC.

The following summary highlights key issues discussed at the meeting:

1. Information Sharing

The NCMC acknowledged the importance of information sharing with local governments. Confidentiality Agreements for NCMC members are to be used on a case-by-case basis rather than applying them on a blanket basis (e.g. to protect Cabinet Confidence).

2. Cost Savings Measures

RCMP members now receive medical coverage through provincial health plans and this has produced savings for local governments. The RCMP included these savings in their five-year financial plan projections provided to local governments in late spring 2013. The RCMP estimates basic health care savings at $1,500 per Member in 2013/14 and an additional $500 per Member in 2014/15.

The Federal Government is eliminating the Civilian Member category of Federal employees in 2015. Only a few communities have employees who fall into this category. These communities will have the option of replacing these employees with Municipal employees.

3. National Programs

The RCMP invoices that local governments receive include $3,500 per Member to cover the costs of the national Recruiting, Cadet Training and Police Dog Training programs under "Cost of Recruit Training." The amount of $3,500 has not changed for many years. The RCMP provided multi-year financial plans for each of the programs, outlining the services provided and detailing projected cost increases over the next few years.

NCMC representatives suggested the plans need more information around service delivery options and the programs need to be reviewed to make sure they are being provided in the best way possible. Directed Reviews, an activity permitted under the new contract, will be conducted.

4. Severance Pay

Provincial, territorial and local government representatives at the NCMC are still pursuing the ability to retire any severance obligation over the remaining term of the RCMP contract without interest. This amount would be consistent with local governments' historical cash flow for severance. Negotiations on this item, and Green Timbers accommodations costs, continue.

5. Provincial/Territorial Police Service Agreement Companion Document

The NCMC has drafted the national Companion Document and it is with the BC Local Government Contract Management Committee Working Group for comment. Once the draft is finalized, work will begin on the BC municipal version of the Companion Document.

6. Pay Council

The NCMC will have representation on the RCMP Pay Council. Pay Council's mandate is to make recommendations to the Commissioner on pay, benefits and other working conditions for active RCMP Members. Two provincial/territorial CMC representatives will attend their first meeting in Ottawa in January 2014.

The Local Government Contract Management Committee would appreciate your feedback on any of the RCMP contract issues identified above or any other issues related to the RCMP contract. UBCM members who have questions or comments related to the RCMP contract in BC are encouraged to contact Ken Vance, UBCM Senior Policy Advisor.

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