Minister Lake Updates UBCM on Land-Based Spill Framework

The UBCM Environment Committee has met with Environment Minister Terry Lake on to discuss the Province's proposed land-based spill preparedness and response intentions paper. While generally supportive of the proposed framework, the Committee took the opportunity to seek clarification around a key principle in the framework – that emergency management is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial and local government agencies.

Minister Lake confirmed that “polluter pay” is the driving principle behind the framework, and that costs will not be off-loaded on to local governments for spill preparedness and response.

UBCM will be sending two representatives to attend a provincial symposium on March 25-27, 2013 on land-based spill preparedness and response. The symposium is hosting representatives from the international spill response community, oil and chemical producers and transporters, government agencies from across Canada and the United States, First Nations, environmental organizations, stakeholders, and academia to discuss best practices that will inform the provincial framework.

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