Local Governments Considered Producers of Packaging and Printed Paper

UBCM has learned, from discussions with the Ministry of Environment and Multi-Material BC (MMBC), that local governments will be considered producers of packaging and printed paper (PPP) under the Recycling Regulation, given that local governments distribute brochures, calendars and other materials that will end up in residential waste streams.

Potential implications of this new development include: the requirement for local governments to register with MMBC in order to be compliant with the Regulation; payment of administration fees to MMBC; and payment to MMBC for the collection of a local government's packaging and printed paper.

MMBC has indicated that they will be contacting local governments in the next few months to review how local governments can sign up with their agency as a producer of PPP, the deadline for registering, and what will be required of them as producers.

UBCM will seek a legal opinion to understand if local governments are considered producers under the definition in the Recycling Regulation, and the implications of this designation.

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