LG Finance Committee Decides to Hit the Road

With a challenging work plan, two new members, and five road trips in the works, the prevailing sentiment at the local government finance committee's first meeting was "let's get to work."   With a mandate to report out this summer, committee members have asked Area Associations to set aside time in their 2013 agendas to allow for an exchange of ideas between UBCM's membership and the committee.

Led by co-chairs Chair Al Richmond (Cariboo Regional District) and Mayor Greg Moore (City of Port Coquitlam and Chair Metro Vancouver Regional District), the committee focused its first meeting on setting priorities and planning its work.  A key feature of the meeting was considering how best to engage local governments in the discussion prior to UBCM's Convention in September.  

Mr. Dale Wall, former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development, is supporting the work of the committee, and was on hand to frame the revenue discussion.  In addition to the co-chairs, the first meeting included committee members Mayor Peter Fassbender (City of Langley), Mayor Frank Leonard (District of Saanich), and Mr. Paul Macklem (CAO, Regional District of Central Okanagan). 
Joining the team for subsequent meetings will be newly appointed committee members, Mayor Taylor Bachrach, Town of Smithers, and Ms. Carol Mason, CAO, Metro Vancouver Regional District.
“We welcome Mayor Bachrach and Ms. Mason to the team, and are delighted that they, along with the other local government leaders on the committee, are ready to take up the challenge” said President Mary Sjostrom.  “We look forward to hearing from the committee about the Area Association dialogues and are hopeful that the membership will take full advantage of those opportunities to provide input into the process”.

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