Growing & Greening Local Government House

Four years ago, UBCM opened Local Government House as its Victoria office. A key feature of the building plan was to use a green roof as the main component of our storm water plan and to include the greening of the exterior walls in order to provide habitat for birds and insects and help to cool urban temperatures. As with all gardens, it took some time to get established, but Local Government House in now home to a beautiful rooftop garden and thriving green walls.

The green roof is the largest entry point for storm water. The roof is planted with water-efficient, drought-tolerant and native grasses, shrubs and ground cover, and rainwater can permeate directly into the soil. Cisterns are buried on-site at Local Government House and collect run-off that the green roof is unable to absorb. This water is used during summer months to irrigate the landscaping. The capacity of the cisterns provides enough rainwater for all irrigation needs – lessening our reliance on CRD water for irrigation.

More information on all the green features of Local Government House can be found under the Local Government House section of UBCM's website.

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