Funding Available for Relationship Building with First Nations

The 2013/14 Regional Community to Community (C2C) Forum program is now available and local governments and First Nations are encouraged to apply. The program aims to bring together First Nations and local governments from across BC to discuss common goals and opportunities for joint action.

For over a decade, UBCM has managed funding programs to support relationship building between local governments and First Nations, including the C2C Forum program.

The first Regional C2C Forum was held in March 2000. The Village of Masset hosted a planning forum between the municipality, Old Massett Village Council, other local governments in the region and various business organizations. After the forum, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village of Masset commented that the forum “showed us just how much we were missing by not focusing more energy into the relationship with our neighbouring First Nations community.”

Thirteen years later, more than 400 C2C forums have been held and participants have expressed great appreciation for the opportunity to meet, engage in dialogue and build a solid working relationship with each another. The program has played a vital role in building and improving relationships among neighbouring municipalities, regional districts and First Nations in British Columbia. It has brought communities together to engage in meaningful conversation and to collaborate on exciting partnerships and shared initiatives.

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