Fisheries Act Changes - Feedback Requested

UBCM is seeking feedback from councils and boards on the changes to the Fisheries Act resulting from Bill C-38. Member responses will be conveyed to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in early September. If you have sent feedback, plan to make a submission to the federal government, or have questions, please contact Marie Crawford.

The Fisheries Act was amended in June 2012 through Bill C-38 to provide a number of changes including: a new focus on protecting recreational, commercial and Aboriginal fisheries; and identifying and managing threats fisheries, including habitat destruction and aquatic invasive species.

In previous issues of the Compass (March 27 & May 15) the extent of the changes has been outlined in more detail. If you would like to review the information that has been provided to date on the Fisheries Act amendments, please view UBCM's Community Economic Development page of

As well, DFO staff will be holding a clinic at the UBCM Convention on Tuesday September 17th from 7:30-8:30 am at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This is your opportunity to learn more about the changes and how they will impact local governments.

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