Feedback Requested: Fisheries Act Amendments

Have questions about the recent changes to the Fisheries Act? UBCM has obtained additional information from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to assist local governments in understanding the amendments and what affect these changes will have on local governments. Members are encouraged to review the web links provided and to give their feedback and comments to UBCM.

DFO is requesting feedback from UBCM members on:

1. Implementing the New Fisheries Protection Provisions under the Fisheries Act Discussion Paper – April 2013. Comments requested by May 29, 2013 if possible. To access the paper click here.

Please send your comments, concerns and feedback to:

2. DFO's Application for Authorization under the Fisheries Act Regulations. This section of the Act provides for specific work or activities to occur under the Minister's authorization and in accordance with specific conditions set out by the Minister; despite the fact that these activities may result in the “alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat.”

The full details of these regulations can be found on Canada Gazette.

Feedback on these regulations can be provided to DFO directly at: Please copy UBCM with your feedback.

In the March 27th issue of The Compass, UBCM reported on a meeting with Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) on Fisheries Act amendments and organizational changes to DFO. An updated powerpoint presentation from the March 22nd meeting is available here.

Since our March 27th article we have received specific questions from members about the Fisheries Act amendments. These questions were submitted to DFO and UBCM is pleased to provide answers. Thanks to DFO staff for facilitating this Q & A with our members.

At the April 25 and 26 Executive meeting, the UBCM CED Committee discussed the Fisheries Act and agreed to continue working with DFO to coordinate feedback from BC local governments.

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