Executive Decisions on Referred Resolutions

At its November meeting, the UBCM Executive made decisions on resolutions that did not make it to the floor of the 2013 Convention.

In accordance with the Conference Rules & Procedures for Handling Resolutions, the resolutions not debated by the Convention were submitted to the UBCM Executive for consideration. This included resolutions B123 through B141, as well as resolution B143 – twenty resolutions. Additionally, six resolutions were referred directly to the UBCM Executive by the delegates at Convention, and four resolutions requesting specific UBCM action were endorsed by the membership.

Executive Decisions

The UBCM Executive considered these thirty resolutions at their meeting on November 22, 2014 and made the following decisions:

ER1 Extraordinary Resolution to Amend the UBCM Bylaws to Change the Fiscal Year
Has Been Enacted

SR1 Packaging & Printed Paper Product Stewardship
Referred to Recycling Negotiating Committee

A4 Conflict of Interest
Referred to Presidents Committee

B49 Evaluation of Resolution Effectiveness
Referred to Resolutions Committee

B92 Requirement for Working Smoke Alarms
Not Endorsed

B102 Medical Marihuana Land Use Assessment & Taxation
Referred Back to Area Association

B123 Aboriginal Affairs Committee
Referred to First Nations Relations Committee

B124 Public Sector Financial Statements
Not Endorsed

B125 Compulsory Labelling of Food Containing Genetically Modified Organisms
Referred to 2014 Convention for Debate

B126 Tethering of Dogs
Not Endorsed

B127 Memorial for Fallen Firefighters
Withdrawn by Sponsor

B128 Maintaining Access to Our Provincial Park System

B129 Sport Halibut Fishing

B130 Support for Raise the Rates Coalition

B131 Workplace Bullying & Harassment

B132 Prolific Offenders
No Action Required

B133 Bare Trust Corporations
Not Endorsed

B134 Management of Natural Resources

B135 Meningitis Vaccinations in BC
Referred to Healthy Communities Committee

B136 Annual Statements for BC Medical Services Plan Beneficiaries
Not Endorsed

B137 Ministry Names
Not Endorsed

B138 Tax Revenue for the Protection of Animals
Not Endorsed

B139 Heritage Week

B140 Standardization of Social Assistance Rates

B141 Fire Insurance Rates

B143 Log Export Policy
Referred to Community Economic Development Committee

LR2 BC Product Stewardship for Packaging & Printed Paper
Referred to Recycling Negotiating Committee

LR3 Multi-Material BC Product Stewardship Packaging & Printed Paper Plan for BC
Referred to Recycling Negotiating Committee

LR4 Multi-Material BC – Packaging & Printed Paper Stewardship
Referred to Recycling Negotiating Committee

LR5 Packaging & Printed Paper Product Stewardship
Referred to Recycling Negotiating Committee

Conveyance of Endorsed Resolutions

The resolutions endorsed by the UBCM Executive will be conveyed to the provincial government, federal government, or relevant organization. UBCM will request the government or organization to consider and comment on each resolution, and when responses are received, UBCM will share the responses with the sponsors of resolutions, and post the responses to the UBCM website.

Referral to Committee

The UBCM Executive decided to refer several resolutions to its working committees. Each committee to which a resolution has been referred will incorporate the resolution into its work plan for 2013-2014. This may include further research or advocacy, or monitoring the evolution of a particular issue.

The committees report on their work to the full UBCM Executive, so members interested in a particular referred resolution can follow the committee's work by watching for the summaries of Executive meetings, published in The Compass following each quarterly meeting of the UBCM Executive.

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