Electrical Permit Fee Changes Proposed

Local governments are being asked for their feedback [PDF - 244 KB] on a new fee structure for electrical permits that is being considered by the BC Safety Authority (BCSA).  The new fee structure is intended to reduce the number of permit categories from seven to three.

The changes to the fee structure will result in permit fee increases to some local governments, and a reduction in fees to others.  The largest fee increase to a local government for an individual permit will be $390.00.  An account cap of $1,200.00 will be placed on the amount a local government will pay to renew electrical permits in its operating area.

Local governments pay an annual electrical permit fee when operating or maintaining equipment where the electrical supply is 250 kVA or 500 V.  The permits are intended to help promote the safety of electrical equipment in operation by ensuring they are assessed on a risk basis and are inspected and maintained by qualified individuals.

Additional information on the BCSA permit model and how to submit feedback is available through UBCM's recent Member Release [PDF - 244 KB].

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