Election Outreach Underway

The 2013 provincial election is underway, and UBCM's outreach to candidates and parties is in full swing.  With close to 300 candidates contesting seats, the next 28 days provide a window of opportunity to build relationships with the women and men who will form the next government.

UBCM has delivered its Election Platform to the four largest parties to seek responses to a set of questions on the themes of governance, infrastructure, finance, economic development and the environment.  President Mary Sjostrom has also been active reaching out to party leaders and candidates alike to make sure they know about platform. The President sat down with NDP leader Adrian Dix to personally present the platform.  Mr. Dix thanked UBCM for the effort to set out areas for future discussion.  Mr. Dix also committed to a positive working relationship with UBCM should the NDP form government.

President Sjostrom has also met with Minister Bill Bennett to review the platform themes, and discussed the initiative with Ministers Pat Bell and Steve Thompson.  The President has also made sure that candidates in her own riding, including independent Bob Simpson, have also received copies of the platform and that some of the questions were included in a recent all candidates' debate.

Last week also saw the launch of Metro Vancouver's Local Government Matters website.  Metro Vancouver has developed a series of questions to target regional priorities, and will be posting responses from the four largest parties as they become available throughout the campaign.  UBCM and Metro have shared knowledge and resources in the coordination of both initiatives.

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