Election Outreach-Getting the Message Out

The 2013 provincial election campaign is well underway, and UBCM continues its outreach to the main political parties and candidates in the May 14th election. To build upon these efforts, UBCM is encouraging members to help get the message out about UBCM's election platform.

UBCM has delivered its election platform to the four main political parties, and posed questions around the platform's five main priorities—governance, infrastructure, finance, economic development and the environment. UBCM President Mary Sjostrom has sat down with NDP leader Adrian Dix, discussed the platform with Minister Bill Bennett, and distributed copies of the platform to candidates within her own riding.

The campaign period provides a window of opportunity to build relationships with candidates running for office, and let them know about the UBCM's five election platform priorities. Throughout the election, there will be campaign stops, fundraisers, and all-candidates debates—all opportunities for members to raise the platform questions with candidates and emphasize the organization's election priorities.  The more candidates that know about our positions, the greater the chance of shaping their approaches on issues that directly impact local governments.

With your help, UBCM can help create a solid foundation for post-election advocacy with the new provincial government.

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