Dix Remains Focused on Strong Opposition

Adrian Dix, leader of the official opposition, addressed UBCM delegates this morning, opening with a display of levity and light-heartedness. Speaking to his announcement yesterday that he will step down as the leader of the NDP, Dix commented with a smile: “Smart politicians do something the day before to get on the front page.”

Dix spoke passionately about the value of Reconciliation Week events that are currently taking place and reminded delegates that reconciliation needs to become part of our local policies and daily work plans and, ultimately, woven into the fabric of all BC communities.

Dix addressed the enormous opportunities – and challenges – BC faces in the areas of jobs and the economy. Moving through issues affecting large urban centres, small rural areas and First Nation communities, Dix focused much of his speech on the engines of economic growth, including skills training for young people, transit and transportation, research and development to support the green economy and primary industries such as forestry.

In closing, Dix stated that a different NDP leader will address delegates next year, but reminded delegates that his party will remain focused on holding the government to account. Dix committed his opposition caucus to advancing positive proposals for poverty reduction, reducing energy costs, and addressing climate change.

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