Brownfield Peer Learning Pilot Program

FCM's Green Municipal Fund is recruiting municipal staff for a new brownfield peer learning pilot program to help communities understand and reduce barriers to redeveloping brownfields.

 Apply by May 24, 2013.

From June 2013 to March 2014, FCM will lead online and in-person peer learning activities for 15–25 participants to better understand the barriers to brownfield redevelopment and create conditions for success. There is no registration fee, but participants must attend a series of meetings and workshops, which may require some travel.

The program focus areas will be determined based on the participants' priorities, and could include:

· Implementing brownfield strategies and plans

· Developing financial incentives and mechanisms

· Developing non-financial incentives

· Working effectively with developers and community stakeholders

· Developing community-wide and site-specific visions for brownfield sites

· Streamlining internal processes to expedite brownfield redevelopment

· Addressing liability issues

For more information, contact Stephanie Bohdanow, Program Officer, Knowledge Services, 613-907-6262.

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