For Council/Board Agendas-BC Transit Communities Invited to Assist Review Implementation

UBCM, in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and BC Transit, has established a local government working group to support the implementation of recommendations from the BC Transit Independent Review Panel. While the Review made recommendations for improvements with respect to all partners, it specifically highlighted the critical role of local government partners, with several recommendations focusing on areas where greater collaboration would facilitate the success of transit in the province. Communities that are served by BC Transit are invited to participate directly in the working group or provide input on Review Panel recommendations.

The mandate for the working group is to:

· Provide a vehicle for the Ministry, BC Transit and local governments to work in collaboration, to implement the recommendations of the BC Transit Independent Review;

· Strengthen the partnerships between Local government, BC Transit and the Ministry; and

· Create opportunities for sharing relevant information.

If your community would like to participate on the working group or if you wish to provide input, please contact Marie Crawford at

Of the 18 recommendations within the Panel report, the following are four specific ones that are of direct interest to local governments:

Recommendation 5ii: The Review Panel recommended that local governments provide input into system wide capital spending decisions made by the BC Transit Board, possibly through an advisory panel.

Recommendation 5iii: The Review Panel recommended that local government should provide sufficient notice to BC Transit of service changes so that the financial consequences are appropriately shared between the partners.

Recommendation 6: The Review Panel recommended that local government should involve BC Transit in key planning issues and processes, and should inform BC Transit of budget, planning, and zoning decisions that impact public transit.

Recommendation 12: The Review Panel recommended that BC Transit should work with local governments to set appropriate service standards and provide annual data on system and route performance.

Communities are invited to attend BC Transit's Annual Workshop in Whistler “Work Together Succeed Together” on May 27-May 29th.

UBCM wishes to thank the 12 local governments that have joined the working group: Nanaimo RD, Kamloops, Whistler, Capital RD, Sunshine Coast RD, Cowichan Valley RD, Kelowna, Squamish, Mission, RD North Okanagan, Campbell River and Vernon.

Please watch for further information on the working group's activities in upcoming issues of UBCM's e-news the Compass.

At the 2012 UBCM Convention, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) announced that the Province would be acting on the recommendations coming out of the BC Transit Independent Panel Review. UBCM was invited to work in collaboration with the Ministry and BC Transit to implement the Review's recommendation, specifically those recommendations of interest to local governments.

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