UBCM Preparing to Launch Provincial Election Platform

The 2013 provincial election provides an opportunity for BC local governments to engage with party leaders and candidates to raise matters of common interest to local government. Next week UBCM will be releasing its election platform to provide a basis for engagement during the campaign and frame post election advocacy.

UBCM will be sharing the platform with each of the four main parties contesting the upcoming election. The parties will be asked to comment on questions related to five pillars in the platform: Governance; Finance; Infrastructure; Economic Development; and the Environment. UBCM will also launch an outreach campaign to ensure as many candidates as possible are aware of the high level priorities of BC local governments.

Throughout the campaign, UBCM will post party responses and track campaign announcements on dedicated webpage of UBCM.ca

UBCM will release the platform, “Building Tomorrow Together” through the Compass on Wednesday March 20, 2013.

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