Rail Safety Initiative

Download the August 8, 2013 Member Release: "UBCM Partners with FCM on Rail Safety Initiative" [PDF - 231 KB]

UBCM, along with other local governments associations, will be working with FCM to support efforts to improve rail safety across Canada.

In response to the train derailment and explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, and rail bridge collapse and derailment in Calgary, Alberta, FCM President Claude Dauphin announced the establishment of a National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group to support and inform FCM's discussions with the federal government on rail safety. UBCM is pleased to advise that Director Susan Gimse, Squamish Lillooet RD has been appointed to the Working Group. Further information is available on FCM's website.

The Working Group will provide strategic input to ensure that FCM's work in this area reflects shared national concerns and perspectives, and provides a mechanism for coordination among members at the national level. The following principles were agreed to as part of the first meeting of the Working Group:

  • Ensuring the safety of Canada's rail transportation system must be a national priority and a clear federal responsibility.
  • The government must respond to safety recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board, and address previously identified safety deficiencies.
  • Federal-municipal partnership is essential to ensuring rail safety.

These principles will guide discussions with the federal government on rail safety issues with a direct impact on local governments.

UBCM will be an active participant in these discussions. In addition to Director Gimse's appointment, UBCM staff will also participate on a technical working group to support the National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group.

If your community has concerns about rail safety, please provide your thoughts to Marie Crawford so that these comments can be relayed to FCM, and Director Gimse, directly. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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