ICBC Agrees to Support Bylaw Enforcement

ICBC has agreed to provide the motor vehicle information needed by local government to enforce local bylaws, such as fine collection and parking tickets. In addition, ICBC has agreed to provide this information both online and over the telephone when requested by bylaw staff.

Local governments throughout British Columbia have “Access for Information” agreements with ICBC, which allow access to motor vehicle information for bylaw enforcement purposes. In the past few months, some local governments have been experiencing problems in obtaining motor vehicle information from ICBC in a timely fashion. These local governments were informed by ICBC that it was changing how it did business and was only willing to provide registered vehicle owner information once a violation ticket was issued and not before.

The change in ICBC policy created serious problems for local government bylaw enforcement. For example, a parking ticket in many cases cannot be written until the motor vehicle information is obtained (i.e name and address of the owner). Timely enforcement of bylaws was undermined where bylaw officers required the identity of the vehicle owner to resolve the matter, such as noise complaints or vehicles blocking a driveway.

ICBC after some consultation has agreed to return to its earlier practice of providing the information to local government bylaw officers when requested. UBCM will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that no further problems are encountered by local government in accessing motor vehicle information from ICBC.

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