2013 Convention Ties for Highest Recorded Rating

1,955 people attended the record-tying 2013 Convention. The overall delegate evaluation rating of 4.3/5 has only been attained once before, for the 2005 convention in Vancouver. According to those surveyed, highlights of the week included Stephen Lewis' keynote address, “Designing Communities for Better Health: Walking Tour”, and The Walrus Talks.

Other sessions that were well received by delegates included the clinic “Navigating Child Care – the $10/day Plan”, the Monday pre-conference session “A Snapshot of the Local Government-First Nation Landscape”, and the Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA) luncheon.

Resolutions sessions were a much-commented on aspect of this year's Convention, including discussion of resolution quantity and the utilization of electronic voting technology. The Resolutions Committee will consider delegates feedback during their inaugural meeting in January.

Many delegates provided feedback on the new UBCM Convention Event App, and printed program materials. The UBCM Executive and staff will utilize this feedback when considering how best to provide program and convention information to delegates in future.

Vancouver continues to receive solid ratings from delegates as a convention location, with suitable facilities and services, and convenient access to hotel and amenities.

The 2014 UBCM Convention will be held in Whistler. Stay tuned for information as it becomes available.

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