Update on Convention Session: Local Government Finance

Monday, September 24, 1:30-4:30 pm

The agenda for this session is now available, click here to see download the agenda. [PDF - 408 KB]

The Expert Panel on Business Taxation issued its final report on August 31, 2012. That report has now been made public and we are pleased to speak to the municipal tax recommendations as part of our updates on local government finance initiatives.

Following these updates, Dr. Harry Kitchen, Professor of Economics at Trent University, will walk us through the world of local revenues across Canada and around the world. Dr. Kitchen is one of Canada's leading experts in the field of local government finance, and has published numerous books, articles and papers on various subjects related to local government revenues, expenditures and structure. We are thrilled to have him speak at this pre-conference session – to put BC local government revenue and expenditures into perspective, provide us with some examples of revenue tools in other jurisdictions, and share his thoughts on the best ways to align local government revenues with spending responsibilities.

We'll also preview what UBCM is planning for next year on the local government finance front. Hope to see you there.

Click here to go directly to our local government finance and information page that will provide you with further information about local government finance initiatives of the province and UBCM.

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