UBCM and Province Continue Long-Term Infrastructure Discussions

UBCM is continuing discussions with the provincial government to develop a common approach for input to the federal Government's Long-term Infrastructure Plan (LTIP).

In September, Bill Bennett, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, invited UBCM to form a working group to clarify priorities for local government infrastructure funding in British Columbia.  Minister Bennett has committed to work with UBCM until the conclusion of an agreement on long-term infrastructure finance between BC and Canada. It is anticipated that the 2013 federal budget will outline the federal government's future plans for infrastructure funding.

UBCM President Mary Sjostrom, 1st Vice President Rhona Martin and Vancouver Councillor (and FCM Vice President) Raymond Louie have represented UBCM in the two meetings to date with Minister Bennett. The basis for UBCM's contributions to these meetings was outlined in a UBCM submission to Infrastructure Canada earlier this year.  The submission reflects the policies that have been endorsed by UBCM's membership as well as results from a recent UBCM survey of local governments on preferred design elements for programs, including the need for: 
•    Stable predictable funding;
•    Eligibility for all local government infrastructure;
•    A mix of allocated and application based funding with local choice of priorities;
•    Indexing;
•    Streamlined program delivery;
•    Support for planning and infrastructure management;
•    Program neutrality with regard to project delivery (including the use of P3s).
UBCM will continue to update our membership as work continues on this file.

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