Speak Your Mind on the Packaging & Printed Paper Stewardship Plans

In May 2011, the Recycling Regulation was amended to include packaging and printed paper, which will shift financial and administrative responsibility for managing these materials from local governments to the producers of packaging and printed paper (PPP). This is a significant issue for BC local governments and the UBCM membership endorsed a policy paper on PPP product stewardship at the most recent Convention.

Two product stewardship plans have been drafted and are awaiting comment by local governments and other stakeholders. 

1) Multi-Material BC (MMBC) has developed a plan, acting on behalf of producers such as the Retail Council of BC and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, to meet the requirements in the Recycling Regulation. MMBC's stewardship plan is posted on their website and comments are due on November 9, 2012.

2) Brewers Distributor Ltd (BDL) has also developed a plan. This group is acting as the product steward on behalf of the majority of brewers and cider manufacturers. Their plan is posted on the Recycling Council of BC website. Also, as part of the consultation process, BDL is holding a consultation meeting on November 9, from 1-3 pm in Vancouver (register in advance by calling 604-659-2739 or e-mailing dhorner@nationalbrewers.ca). Interested local governments who cannot attend in person can attend via webcast. Comments on the Brewers' plan are due on November 12, 2012.

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