RCMP Contract Oversight Underway

The Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) met for the third time this year to discuss management issues related to the RCMP contract.

The Committee met with the Chief Civilian Director of the Independent Investigations Office (IIO), Richard Rosenthal, who explained the mandate, jurisdiction, processes and budget of the IIO.  The Committee also met with Assistant Commissioner Randy Beck, Deputy Criminal Operations, who briefed Committee members on a number of RCMP issues.

The Committee discussed the following issues:

Annual Performance Plans
Assistant Commissioner Randy Beck, Deputy Criminal Operations in BC discussed the importance of Annual Performance Plans at the detachment level and the need for communication between local governments and detachment commanders when setting annual priorities in their communities.  He indicated that an Annual Performance Plan is to be developed for each local government and signed off by the local government.

Patrol Carbines
Randy Beck also provided information on the 367 patrol carbines scheduled for distribution to Provincial and Municipal detachments over the next three years. He clarified the cost for the carbines ($5,400 per unit inclusive) and the distribution schedule.  The Province will receive the first 150 carbines this fiscal year.  The RCMP will share information with municipalities on the business cases for the carbines and discuss details regarding the number of carbines needed in each detachment on an individual basis over the coming months.  The RCMP will not distribute any carbines to municipal detachments until these discussions have occurred.

Financial Reporting
The LGCMC Finance Sub-Committee presented a template used by the RCMP and administrative staff to report RCMP budget information to Maple Ridge's Council. The LGCMC recognized the value of the presentation and the RCMP committed to work with local governments who are interested in using the template to tailor the presentation to their specific community.  A link to Maple Ridge's presentation is available on the city's website.

Green Timbers (new RCMP ā€œEā€ Division Headquarters)
The Province described the discussions with the Federal Government regarding Green Timbers, which remain ongoing. UBCM has appointed a sub-committee of local government representatives to aid in the discussions and the Province has committed to keeping them involved going forward.  The LGCMC and the Province agreed to strengthen the commitment to work together and take a united front on the Green Timber discussions.

The LGCMC was informed that the National Contract Management Committee will meet in Ottawa on November 6 and 7, 2012.  Any issues of importance to local governments will be communicated by the LGCMC co-chairs through UBCM after the meeting.

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