Local Government Opportunity - BC Policing Plan

The BC Policing Plan gives local governments the opportunity to provide input into Provincial priorities in the delivery and financing of policing services.  The strategic plan being developed by the Province is looking at policing needs over the next five to 10 years.

Policing costs represent one of the largest expenditures in local government budgets.  Consultation around the plan offers local governments the ability for input into the goals, targets and performance measures that the Province needs to establish for the future of policing and public safety in British Columbia.

The Province has undertaken a total of nine regional stakeholder roundtable consultations across the Province on the BC Policing Plan.  It is in the process of holding seven focus group meetings to discuss a number of key themes that have emerged, including: gangs and guns, multi-agency collaboration, continuum of law enforcement, police funding, crime prevention and public safety, performance management of policing, and community engagement.  

The next step is to release a discussion paper on the BC Policing Plan for public discussion and feedback.  The discussion paper will provide local government with a window into Provincial decision-making on policing and the ability to outline the changes it feels are needed to control policing costs and ensure public safety in the future.

Stay tuned to The Compass for updates on when the BC Policing Plan is available for comment.

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