Local Government Leaders Take Infrastructure Message to Parliament Hill

Last week local government leaders from across Canada met with Members of Parliament from all parties to discuss the federal government's Long-term Infrastructure Plan. The message delivered?  Communities need a 20-year plan that provides stable, predictable funding in line with the level of infrastructure investment from the 1950's to mid-1970s.

UBCM President Mary Sjostrom and 1st Vice President Rhona Martin joined with Federation of Canadian Municipalities board and committee members from across Canada to outline the infrastructure recommendations released by FCM earlier in November.  Over three days, the national delegation participated in nearly 120 separate meetings with MPs and Cabinet Ministers, and attended a series of infrastructure presentations delivered by Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

Federal representatives heard of the need to increase annual federal investments in local government infrastructure from $3.25 billion to $5.75 billion.  The increase would index Gas Tax funding to safeguard its buying power and finance a new program that would leverage matching funds from provinces, territories and local governments.  

Local government leaders also emphasized the need to streamline funding delivery to minimize red tape.

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