Finance Symposium Explores Delivery/Cost Balance

A Regional Symposium hosted by Metro Vancouver will explore the challenge of delivering services and infrastructure at cost levels that meet community expectations.

The November 28 event will be moderated by Michael Goldberg, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Sauder School of Business, and will include presentations by Gord Hume, author of Taking Back Our Cities, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and UBCM.

The symposium provides UBCM with an opportunity to share some of the findings from a recent study by one of Canada's leading experts in local government finance, Dr. Harry Kitchen, Professor Emeritus at Trent University.  Dr. Kitchen's findings include a comparison of a basket of typical services, including general government, fire and police, roads and transit, water, sewer and garbage and recreation and culture across provinces and territories.  Despite the perception in some quarters that local government costs in British Columbia are out of line, BC's average per capita was $1,692, as compared to Ontario at $1,626, Quebec at $1,804, Alberta at $2,297 and the Canadian average of $1,717.

To find out more, or to register, go to the symposium website.  Read Dr. Harry Kitchen's presentation Local Government Finance: Matching Revenues With Responsibilities here.

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