Delegate Evaluation Feedback Received

A record-breaking 2,065 people attended the 2012 UBCM Convention in Victoria, and according to those surveyed, it was generally a solid, well-planned event. The Convention's overall rating is 4.2/5 – a score that has only been attained two other times in the past 15 years. 

This year's highest rating went to Anna Maria Tremonti, the 2012 Keynote Speaker, who touched on political issues on at home and abroad, putting special emphasis on the interplay between the media and public figures.

Resolutions handling was also a highly rated and much commented on aspect of this year's Convention, with this being the first year on record that all resolutions were addressed within the allotted time. UBCM staff will continue to look for ways to utilize the electronic voting technology to its full potential.

Other sessions that were particularly well received by delegates included the Large Urban Communities Forum, Marijuana: The Decriminalization Debate, and Preserving BC's Dinosaurs.

Victoria continues to prove itself as a favourite Convention location among UBCM delegates, in part due to easy access to provincial government elected officials and staff. The close proximity to hotels and amenities is also a key feature for delegates and their partners.

The 2013 UBCM Convention will be held in Vancouver. UBCM will be issuing a request for proposals in the new year for the 2014 convention location. Additional future convention dates and locations are available on

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